Let the Sports Performance Coaches at Brown Strength and Conditioning prepare you for next season!!

  • Athletic Performance Programs
  • Male & Female ACL Injury Clinics
  • Team Sports Performance Training
  • Speed & Agility Clinics
  • Pre-habilitation & Post-rehabilitation

  • Athletic Performance Module– Our athletic performance program includes a functional approach to developing strength and explosiveness.  We also address corrective exercise to address muscular imbalances and decreased range of motion allowing us to maximize your athletic potential. Email aaron@brownstrength.com for more info.
  • ACL Injury Prevention Clinics- Learn the truth about ACL injuries in sport! Our ACL injury prevention proticals have helped keep our athletes from knee injuries for over a decade! We have 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 week programs available!
  • Weight Loss– Our weight loss programs focus on a broad spectrum of methodologies. We involve strength training, cardiovascular exercises; as well as nutritional guidance with a complete hormone analysis.  Several clients that we have helped face the difficulty of loosing weight due to a multitude of circumstances.  We are there to guide you while you accomplish your weight loss goals. Email info@brownstrength.com for more info.
  • Personal Training– If you are seeking individual guidance on your road to success than an Individualized program provided by one of our traininers will be perfect for you. Individual attention to your needs will assure you get where you want to go. Our one-on-one training includes a variety of disciplines depending on your goals and capabilities.Email info@brownstrength.com for more info.
  • Small Group Training– Small group training is our most popular style of workout. Let your friends, family, or teammates help you reach your goals. Times are available Monday-Saturday including mornings, noon & evenings. Email info@brownstrength.com for more info.
  • Conditioning– All of our conditioning programs include a variety high intensity interval training, sprint workouts and endurance work. Conditioning is necessary for most sports, excellent for weight loss and increasing stamina.   Our coaches will help you push your limitations every step of the way as you achieve your goals. Email info@brownstrength.com for more info.
  • Nutritional Advisement- Improving your knowledge base of the nutritional basics can go a long way.  Let our coaches help you design your personalized nutrition plan including, pre-workout, during your workout, post-workout and recovery. Email info@brownstrength.com for more info.